We validate your business idea and support you to make it BETTER!

We assess the problem-solution fit, viability, and many other aspects of your business idea.

What you get

Inspiration from experienced mentors


Personalized feedback


Fast delivery


We guarantee confidentiality


30 minutes - that's all you need to challenge your Business Idea!


How it works


Share your business idea with us via our questionnaire


Expert mentors give feedback on your business idea


You get feedback and a bunch of inspirational input within a few days

"There's a way to do it better - find it."

Thomas Edison


What can I expect from the Inspiration Box?
This is a great question! Our overall goal is to provide you with new inspirational input for your business idea. This might be inspiration regarding the problem-solution fit, revenue models, viability, or hints to have a look at other businesses that may do something similar. We don’t send you an evaluation because nobody can judge the quality of a business idea in the very early stages. However, if one of the mentors has doubts, questions or specific experience, he/she will definitely share those with you.


Who will review my idea?
At least one of our team members from Business Model Toolbox will review your business idea. Moreover, we work with a network of experts from different fields. Check out our mentors below. If you don’t want a specific person from our team or our mentors to give feedback – please let us know.
Is it possible to choose who is reviewing my business idea?
Our aim is to provide you with a trustable and inspiring experience, and we appreciate that sharing your idea with someone randomly might not work for you. Therefore, we offer you the ability to name the mentors who should not review your idea. If you have special wishes for a mentor, we can try to make it possible.
What? You want me to send the idea via an online form? Is this safe?
Yes! Rest assured, we guarantee you confidentiality. But please let us know beforehand if there are special requirements as far as confidentiality is concerned.
I would love to become a mentor myself. What do I have to do?
Great! Just send us a short message with your superpowers or industry expertise. We will get in touch quickly to tell you more about the possibility of becoming a mentor.

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