We validate your business idea and support you to make it BETTER!

We assess the Customer-Need Fit, Viability and many other aspects of your Business Idea.

What you get

Three Inspirations


Personalized Feedback


Fast delivery


We keep your idea confidential


How it works

1. Share your idea with us

Either via mail, call or Skype and you have a coffee long time to pitch and exchange with us.

2. We validate your Business Idea

Our Feedback is based on: Experience, Insights and Community knowledge.

3. You get feedback within 48h

What Our Customers Are Saying

Awesome. You gave me great input for my idea!
Best invested 30.-Euro lately.


Founder, Blumenmädchen

Amazing.Thanks to Stefanie and Frederike we got a completely new perspective and changed our business model and our approach. We are so happy to have met them. Great network, great knowledge, real support!


Founder, Swop Team


Your Feedback?

Challange your Business Idea


What can I expect from the 30 Euro Idee?

Based on your business idea we will provide you 3 inspirations about problem-solution fit, scalability, viability and other aspects.

Who will review my idea?

Our Team of Business Model Toolbox will be the first to review your Business Idea. Moreover we work together with a network of experts from different fields.

What? You wan me to send the idea via online form? Is this safe?

Yes! We promise that your data will stay with us! If we need to involve experts from our network we will contact you before.

Curious? Stuck? Interested to challenge your Business Idea?


Only 30 “spots” available for our Minimum lovable testing product for a greater Challenger Program

Still got questions? We will be happy to hear from you!


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